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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How expressive you are at words

Do our zodiac signs influence how expressive we are when it comes to letter and e-mails? Looks like it, going by the stereotypical styles of each sign and their letters.

Aries: Even if they write mails that contain earth-shattering content, they will break it coolly and with a very run-of-the-mill ‘Hi’ in the subject matter. Expect courteous yet very terse mails from Arians.

Taurus: These folks have two styles. Either they go the whole hog and pour their hearts out or hardsell themselves, as the case maybe. Or they simply desist from writing the mail if they don’t feel like it. It’s best to expect these extremes from them.

Gemini: For them, an e-mail is an e-mail is an e-mail. What can one say in an impersonal e-mail is their favourite refrain. However, should their mail be crucial for the communication, they will take all pains to communicate the same. Their mails are very professionally written and serve the purpose.

Cancer: Cancerians drip honey and syrup, no matter what the core of the content is. They believe in using the sweetest of vocabulary to get their point across. Expect a deluge of words such as ‘request, kindly, solicit etc words in their mails.

Leo: Even if it’s a one-liner in the mail, there are the stuff that you should store in your ‘do not delete’ folder of your mailbox. They display the same wit, charm and sense of humour even in their mails. Even their official mails never go without the familiar Leo spunky touch.

Virgo: Virgos rarely write without reason. Naturally, their mails are usually ‘reply’ mails and neatly list out all the information they want.’ They are good at convincing others and it’s a good idea to get them to write mails where one has to express ones inability or give excuses for not wrapping up a task.

Libra: Terse is synonymous with their mails. They completely dispense with formalities. Don’t be surprised if their mails just have monosyllables in it. But the best bit is that they do manage to convey the information.

Scorpio: These folks often write mails like there are filling in for a classified ad, where every word attracts some money. So each word in their mail is used after a lot of care. No word that is redundant or expresses an irrelevant idea.

Sagittarius: To get them write mails is a big achievement in itself. They are so off mails that the ones they write are usually to inform that the will call up or that they will stop writing mails. A lazy forward from a Sagit is more like it.

Capricorn: If you can catch a Capri in the right mood, you’ve hit the bull’s eye. They are masters of letter writing and are capable of writing the most delightful mails among all the signs. Keep them your e-mail friends and they’ll make your mailbox richer with their interesting mails.

Aquarius: They’re never too excited about being heard. So writing a mail does demand a valid reason from them. They usually write very official sounding mails and never bother to add even a single personal line, even if it’s their buddy they’re writing in to.

Pisces: Pisceans take to extremes. Either they write nice, interesting long mails or simply write terse ones and getaway. But if you’re lucky to catch them in the right frame of mind, there are going to make e-mailing a pleasure for you.


  • At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey i find the views related to leo's writing skills are really true for me atleast..


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